The Food

The Food

Pooch Patio Rules:

  1. Please do not place your dog on your table or the chairs.
  2. Please no begging or barking.
  3. We have special bowls for our furry friends. Please don’t let them eat or drink off yours.
  4. Your server is not allowed to pet your pup while working…for yours and others safety.
  5. Keep your pup close to you at all times and on a leash.

Thank You!

Now to the good stuff

We hope you love it at The Local… and we want your furry best friend to love it too!

Reward your pooch with some lovin’ made from our kitchen especially for their appetites and if they aren’t that hungry… ask your server to throw them a bone!

2 mini sliders. $6 bones

everyone loves chicken. $6 bones

a chicken breast sliced and put over a bed of rice.

for the hungry dawg. $8 bones

a 6 oz. prime grilled steak.

Having fun with your pooch? Tag us in your social media post! @thelocalpubandgrill #thelocalpoochpatio